The Coffee Monster

The Coffee Monster

Who is The Coffee Monster?

The Coffee Monster is a simple man, bleeding caffeine from his eyeballs, who just wants to share his appreciation for good coffee with the good people of Christchurch, and the rest of the world, once they catch on.

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Chris Meyer,

AKA The Coffee Monster…

…is a bearded, tattooed, coffee drinking machine with a soft spot for passing on his passion for coffee. Oh, and he has a cute daughter called Harper who came up with the name for his alter ego one morning after watching him knock back yet another coffee.

Before becoming The Coffee Monster, Chris spent 18 years in the hospitality industry, some of that in New Zealand, and some across the ditch in Melbourne where his passion for the bean grew. Returning to Christchurch, he noticed that people’s coffee curiosity was on the rise, and with so many new ways to drink coffee, coffee had become just that bit more complicated.

Part of The Coffee Monster’s mission is to help people outside their comfort zone and introduce them to new ways of enjoying their favourite beverage.

The Coffee Monster Project, with the Coffee Monster Evenings as its beginning, is the monster’s way of sharing his coffee knowledge and irreverent worldview.

The Coffee Monster ain’t George Clooney, and Nespresso isn’t on the menu, but everything else is.

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